Khasiat Buah Naga

A lot went wrong and consider the fruit came from China. Could anyone be fooled by its name. Actually, the fruit came from the desert in Mexico. This is indeed a kind of cactus plants that can survive in dry areas and named latin Hylocereus Undatus. The tree is the same as that cactus plants with thick-trunked small spines. Fruit will grow at the end of the branch and grow dangle.
Drug efficacy dragon tree is not only derived from the fruit, but also from the leaves and fruit skin. Besides delicious fruit, naga Merah (Hylocereus polyrhizus) or often referred to as red pitaya also has medicinal properties among others as lowering blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and the skin. While the extract of the leaves and fruit skin can increase the flexibility of blood vessels and inhibit the growth of tumor cells.
By eating 1 buah naga Merah (250 gram) every morning and evening for eight days in a row will lower blood sugar levels in diabetics. As long as people eat a dragon fruit should stop eating rice because rice is a source of sugar for diabetics.
Prof. Menurut. Dr. Muhammad Yusuf, Chinese traditional medicine,– — seperti dilansir– in Chinese culture, the dragon fruit believed to smooth the skin so it appears more beautiful, but it is not used to treat deadly diseases such as cancer or heart. Dragon fruit is good to address because it is cool in the heat.
Savor the dragon tree is not on the fruit, but on the leaves and fruit of the skin. Hasil penelitian Rosario Vargas Sols dari Laboratory Investigation of Fitofarmacologia Universidad Autònoma Metropolitana Xochimilco Mexico menunjukkan bahwa ekstrak kloroform Daun buah Naga berdaging putih mengandung senyawa pentacyclic triterpene taraxast-20-in-3rd-than dan taraxast-12, 20(30)-dien-3a-ol. Both compounds were shown to protect blood vessel flexibility rabbit.
Researchers estimate the efficacy of the two compounds were almost equal troxerutin one micro vascular protective drug on the market. The drug was beneficial to reduce the risk of blood vessel rupture.
The results of in vitro assays were performed Li-chen Wu, researchers Department of Applied Chemistry National Chi-Nan University showed that extracts of red fleshed dragon fruit skin could potentially inhibit the growth of B16F10 tumor cells at doses 25 gram.
(M.Dahlan Abubakar, Head of Public Relations of Palangga Gowa Unhas report).

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