Take, Buah Naga (Selenicereus megalanthus)


This species is very rarely planted in Indonesia, more widely cultivated in America, Australia, Vietnam, Israel. Among the countries most yellow dragon fruit grown in Israel, even in Indonesia, many people know him as the Israeli yellow dragon fruit, with its prickly fruit and while cooking by the thorns, spines will begin to fall off by itself.

Compared with the other dragon fruit, yellow dragon fruit growth slowest time, because in addition to the trunk is smaller roots is much less than the other dragon fruit, and yellow dragon fruit is actually better if planted on a plateau with a colder climate. However, in its development, this could in order siasati growth could be faster, techniques in connection with other types of dragon fruit stem (super red, black, white) to stem underneath, then the growth will be faster, usually age 1 -1,5 fruitful new year then with this system age 8 months can be fruitful or productive. And yellow dragon fruit does not need to be assisted pollination process.

Jointing Technique

-Both rods can be connected by a system of cutting an L to both trunk (either stem up or stem down), could also cut a V shape to the stem while the stem underneath quite cleaved.

-Tahap selanjutnya kedua batang diikat denga Tali Rafia / plastic that attaches.

-Setelah kedua batang dipastikan menempel, crops planted in polybags diameter 15 cm.

-Selama proses penempelan, plants placed in the shade or shade mounted thereon for approximately 2 weeks to 1 month.

-Sebagai catatan, rootstock used for connection must be ensured that already rooted much so that crops can be direct and potentially life-finished or worked perfectly.

-Setelah tanaman berhasil sempurna, all spines in the lower stem removed all, sprout growth that can focus on the growth of shoots on (yellow).


Keep in mind, Yellow dragon fruit is smaller than the size of the fruit red dragon fruit but has a sweeter taste, nutritional content and is great for your health.

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