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grafting techniques

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Grafting Techniques - two rods can be connected to the system cut the letter L for both trunk (either stem up or stem down), could also cut a V shape to the stem while the stem underneath quite cleaved. -Tahap selanjutnya kedua



Land before planting, soil around the stake are reflected sooner, can be directly mixed with manure.

Agricultural Knowledge

Geographical conditions and Indonesia has the potential of agricultural materials and a variety of industrial purposes, then considered to be a major contribution to national development and prospects as one of the leading sectors in entering a century 21 with cooperative and competitive advantages of its

Dragon Fruit Growing Business Opportunities


Buah Naga, fruit newcomers named on the rise in Indonesia society. Red color glossy, the skin there is a green fin, sweet delicious refreshing and nutritious for health makes this fruit a lot of interest among. Fruit is sufficient

Efficacy and Benefit of dragon fruit


Benefits of Dragon Fruit and benefits for our body, Dragon fruit is a fruit that contains vitamins and other substances need not necessarily benefit in doubt. Dragon Fruit or Dragon Fruit is a type of cactus of the genus Hylocereus and Selenicereus. Fruit

Take, Buah Naga (Selenicereus megalanthus)


This species is very rarely planted in Indonesia, more widely cultivated in America, Australia, Vietnam, Israel. Among the countries most yellow dragon fruit grown in Israel, even in Indonesia, many people know him as the Israeli yellow dragon fruit, with